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Changing Your Grout Color

If your grout is stained, bleached, or you’re just plain tired of the color, ColorSealing your grout will give you a brand new installation look without the cost of completely regrouting.

Whether you are just ready for a change or your grout is stained and needs freshening up, ColorSealing is a great option and the color options are limitless. You can even go from a dark color to a light one and it will look natural and virtually flawless… like brand new grout. Only with ColorSealing you will have the added benefit of protection from staining and constant acting mildewcides.

Contact your local Grout ColorSealing PRO (findapro). They can help you select a new color or match your existing grout. Ask to see a color chart or grout color samples to help you determine the best color for your tile and grout floors.

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